When I was born until now – 19 years old – , I want my self to standing in a place where can make me grow up and still alive as a human. But now, I feel that my self didn’t can enough to be an exist person.
OK. I want to talk to you about the organization which recruit me as a member. I feel that I always can’t maximally talk to everyone to listen what I was talking about – everything about whatever in my mind until everyone understand – . Maybe that’s because I am not confidence enough to explore my talent. Someday, I am proud about whatever in my past. But when I wake up from my glad memories, I am watching one by one of my friends leave me. They are run so far until I know that my foot still on the base stairway. I am never step to go to the higher stairway. (aku terlalu terbuai dengan kenanganku waktu SMA yang selalu aku bangga-banggakan).
But, now I know that when I want to change my world, I must change my self first. (Lupakan tentang membanggakan masa lalu). I must run faster than all my friends whose leave me on the base stairway.
Today is my perfect time when I must turnaround to get my self back from my memories. I hope my memories just can help me to go ahead on the highest stairway, not make me arrogant or make my friends leave me more.
I want to turnarround to get my dreams. I want to my dreams will be true. I want to start now. I don’t need to talk over people in the world about my capability, but I want to showing it to all people in the world that I can doing something for myself and people around me. (Aku tidak akan banyak bicara mulai saat ini. Aku ingin mengasah diriku dari dalam dan membiarkan orang lain melihat sendiri apa yang aku lakukan sehingga mereka sadar bahwa aku dapat melakukan hal yang berguna.
Start from now
Start from myself
less talking but more doing
Sunday, April 27th 2008 20.44 WIB

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